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Medical prescriptions with minimal delay at Unichem Mornington Pharmacy

Medical prescriptions, health care products and much more

Here at Unichem Mornington Pharmacy, we take our responsibility to you seriously. When you need your medical prescriptions filled, we understand that you need them now, not later. Our pharmacists will work professionally to get your scripts filled as soon as possible. Visit us at Unichem Mornington Pharmacy today and enjoy an excellent service.

Friendly and professional advice

Here at Unichem Mornington Pharmacy, providing a friendly and professional service is what we are all about. Whether it's advising you on which over-the-counter medications are most suitable for you, or running you through our great range of health and beauty products, our team is here to provide you with service with a smile. And remember to use your Living Rewards card here.

Medical items and products

We have a large range of health products and services at Unichem Mornington Pharmacy

  •            Prescription medicines
  •            Medico Blister Packs
  •            Over-the–counter medicines
  •            Warfarin INR testing
  •            Emergency contraception
  •            Erectile Dysfunction medication
  •            UTI treatment
  •            Hernia belts
  •            Vaccinations
  •              Flu Vaccine
  •              Zostavax (Shingles)
  •              Boostrix (Whooping cough)

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Miscellaneous items

Check our care and advice Unichem catalogue for great specials deals every month.

As with any good pharmacy, you can expect to find a great range of other items here at Unichem Mornington Pharmacy. We have a great selection of cosmetics and perfumes to have you looking and smelling great. We also have a natural health selection for many great herbal remedies. Stuck for a gift idea? We might have the perfect Christmas or birthday present here!

Here at Unichem Mornington Pharmacy, we provide more than just medical prescriptions.

We have other services provided at Unichem Mornington Pharmacy.

  •           Passport photos
  •           Ear piercing
  •           Free Blood Pressure testing
  •           Weigh-ins and height checks
  •           Herbalist Consultant  (check availability times)
  •           Pharmacist consultations
  •           Living Rewards Loyalty Scheme

Our close association with the Mornington Health Centre means that people can access a comprehensive range of health services all in one convenient location.

Click here to visit the Mornington Health Centre website.


Read about the Living Rewards Loyality scheme here.

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